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  • A Journey of Discovery
    My journey into writing.
  • Fake Reviews and Why They...
    Fake book reviews are rampant on Amazon. They can make it difficult to determine the quality of a book without reading the "Look Inside" or purchasing the complete book only to find out the entire story falls off the page after the first chapter.
  • Why Libraries Rarely Buy ...
    Let's start with the librarians since they're the ones in control – or so it seems at least. The reality is that the patrons of the library are in control, almost entirely. If patrons started asking for self-published works en masse, libraries ...
  • Top 12 Crippling Mistakes...
    Top 12 Mistakes of the New Self-Published Author. Some may think these are shortcuts, but they will undermine your career and cast doubt on your professionalism every single time.
  • Why Hiring a Book Editor ...
    Learn why self-editing will only get you so far and why a professional editor is essential for Self-Published authors. Providing an editor was the role of publishing houses, but now that authors can do direct to consumer, it falls on them to find and hire...  more

Amazon's Newest Publishing Platform Goes Live - Write On!

In a direct response to the 9 year growth rate of Wattpad, Amazon has launched Write On, a social network where self-publishing authors can offer their work to the community for feedback. You don't need to be a writer to use it. Readers are invited to browse the offered snippets, outlines, sketches, or even full works by other writers.

The site was originally launched in beta back in October of 2014. One of the major benefits of the platform is that it will give new writers a chance to get feedback on their work from the most valuable source available – potential readers. Posting your work, even in the idea or infancy stage, can give you some real insight into whether it would even be worth blowing-out into a more meaty piece. Readers are invited to comment on every aspect of the work, from readability and content, to grammar and punctuation.

This newest member of Amazon's growing stable of crowdsourcing, authorship, and publishing platforms means that you can literally take your book from start to finish directly on the website. The Write On site itself is already showcasing a substantial selection of reading material. If you'd like more information, visit the site at