Patricia Teal Literary Agency represents non-fiction books and novels. The agency accepts submissions from published authors only.

Patricia Teal Literary Agency


Patricia Teal Literary Agency

Submission Address

2036 Vista Del Rosa
Fullerton CA 92831

Phone: (714) 738-8333

Fax: (714) 738-8333

Contact: Patricia Teal

Submitting Your Work to Patricia Teal Literary Agency

Before submitting to Patricia Teal Literary Agency

The Market List recommends you verify the query and/or submission guidelines for each literary agent and literary agency before sending a query or submitting your manuscript. Most agencies require a completed manuscript prior to queries or submissions. Review and verify the agency requirements for working with new or unpublished writers as well as their specific areas of interest.


If you have recently submitted to Patricia Teal Literary Agency or have experience with a specific agent, please submit a comment below.

About Patricia Teal Literary Agency:

Patricia Teal Literary Agency represents non-fiction books and novels. The agency does not represent poetry, short stories, articles, science fiction, fantasy, or regency romance.

Patricia Teal Agency obtains most new clients through conferences and recommendations. The agency accepts queries from published authors only. Include a SASE with all correspondence.

Submission Guidelines Details for Patricia Teal Literary Agency

Market Types Represented: Fiction, Non-fiction

Agency Terms: Agent receives 10-15% commission on domestic sales and 20% commission on foreign sales. Offers a written contract, binding for 1 year.

Primary Contact: Patricia Teal

Accepts: Animals, autobiography, biography, child guidance, glitz, health, how-to, investigative, mainstream fiction, medicine, mystery, parenting, psychology, romance, self-help, suspense, true crime, women's fiction, women's issues

Web Address: N/A




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