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Aardvark Press

Submission Address

P.O. Box 203, Onrus River
Cape Town, 7201, South Africa

Phone: (27)(28)315-2611

Fax: (27)(86)514-0793

Contact: T. Whitelaw

Contacting Aardvark Press

Before submitting to Aardvark Press

The Market List recommends you verify the query and/or submission guidelines for each literary agent and literary agency before sending a query or submitting your manuscript. Most agencies require a completed manuscript prior to queries or submissions. Review and verify the agency requirements for working with new or unpublished writers as well as their specific areas of interest.


If you have recently submitted to this literary agency or have experience with a specific agent, please submit a comment below.

From the Aardvark Press Guidelines:

Aardvark Press works with authors who are entrepreneurs and leaders and who are willing to take their belief in their message further than the pages of a book.
Aardvark Press was one of the first publishing companies to join the Proudly South African campaign back in November 2002. Although we are no longer members, we certainly subscribe to the values of the campaign. Where we can we support local suppliers and place our printing at factories which use South African paper made from pulp grown on renewable and managed plantations. This makes some of our books a little more expensive to produce but we think the investment in our country’s economy is worth it.

Submission Guidelines Details for Aardvark Press

Market Types Represented: Nonfiction

Primary Contact: T. Whitelaw

Email: publish@aardvarkpress.co.za

Accepts: Business, Recreation, Adventure, Young Families, Humour and Travel, Challenging Ideas and Opinions

Web Address: www.aardvarkpress.co.za



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