The Friday Five: 5 Ways to Get Your Readers to Come Back for More

Each of us has something unique and special to offer - even on those days when you might feel like you have nothing to say, or you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by your lack of insight or inspiration – you still have something valuable to offer. Whether it is your point of view about a particular topic, or something you have done successfully (or not – mistakes and what-not-to-do are also great to share with others), every experience has merit to someone.

The more authentic you can be, the more likely it will be that others will want to hear what you have to say – over and over. Holding back just means that you're trying too hard. If you want people to visit your blog or website, you have to give them a reason.

Here are five ways to help your readers choose to follow you.

Give Something Away for Free
Contests, give-aways, we all love them right? These are really tried and true ways to boost your readership. Perhaps in the beginning your audience will be there just for the freebie, but as long as you have them signing up for a subscription to get it, they'll be back because you're going to keep wowing them with every post. The give-away is a great way to lure people to your stuff initially, but only you can keep them coming back. Another thing to remember is that just like any friendship, if you don't balance the scales energetically, you're not going to keep your friendships healthy. You have to give what you want, and your time counts as a freebie. Visit your subscribers blogs and websites and make sure you comment for them too. Think of how great it is to see your comments and subscriptions growing and then get out there and share the love.

Promise to Reveal Secrets
I recently read something about viral marketing that I think we all know deep down but would rather not say openly. The fact that the words “Don't tell anyone” send a direct and immediate message to the brain that translates into “I can't wait to tell so-and-so about this” is a proven fact. When you promise to reveal something amazing to people, they are going to make sure they have you on speed dial. Just make sure it's something of value, and not only will they visit for that tidbit, but they'll return again.

Write Posts in Series
This is a fantastic way to boost your audience. I remember back in October when I first started my blog. I posted a long series of articles about the Spooky Village that the kids and I were making. I had the most subscribers I've ever had in one month for that series of posts. The idea that they have to keep coming back for the rest of the story is what made cliff-hangers so popular in the 50s too. Everyone wants to find out what's next, and if you use this on your blog, the subscribers you gain will stay with you.

Provide Value
Value can be defined as the relative worth of something. In terms of your blog, the value you need to provide is going to be determined first by what you're offering, but mostly by your readers. After all, they are the biggest gauge of what is actually valuable about your site. Paying attention to this one aspect alone can seriously boost your subscriber base because it tends to incorporate all of the other aspects. Because of the sheer volume of information available online, now more than ever products and services need to be presented in a unique and appealing way that provides something of value to the customer.

Ask Repeatedly for Subscribers
Finally, and though this may seem like an obvious pick, you would be amazed at the number of people who not only fail to include a subscriber option on their blog or website, but who also fail to ask people to sign-up. It's not begging. It's a logical assumption that if you visit someone's blog and you really like what they have to offer, you're going to want to come back or keep in touch. The best way to keep in touch is through a subscription. And make sure you make this information super easy to locate and use. In other words, when someone comes to your site, don't make them have to scroll to the bottom to follow you. Put your subscription options as close the the top as possible and ask in every post.

If you like what I have to offer, please remember to friend me so that we can keep in touch easily!

  • Posted by Patricia Ross
  • April 19, 2013 11:26 AM PDT




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