Why Everyone Can't Be An Online Content Writer

Although 'online writing' has been a key search term since 2004, it is only recently that small business is beginning to realize the important role the Internet is destined to play in the success or failure of their online businesses. Understanding how the Internet and search engines work, and what all of this means in terms of their own websites, blogs, and social networks brings the knowledge that hiring a good in-house or freelance content or copywriter is of paramount importance to any marketing campaign, on the Internet or otherwise.

To these businesses I have one caveat to impart - remember that you get what you pay for.

For most small business owners, the expense of keeping an in-house anything is more than they can safely assure - especially in the first years of business. A great content writer will have the ability to intersperse copy and marketing language into their content, as well as possibly assist in any online marketing campaign the company wants to institute.

As the demand for online writers sky-rockets, anyone who can type seems to be dubbing themselves a content writer. The sheer volume of content needed to maintain the web and everything on it has propelled people to accept less than stellar, marginally qualified writers who are willing to work for sweat shop wages and write what amounts to nonsense. I have seen article writing jobs offered for as little as $1 per article. One dollar? Really? And sadly, there are people with content generator programs who are only too willing (and able) to snatch up freelance work like this for mere pennies.

Of course, the quality of the articles is next to nil and the finished product unreadable, but it does seems that as long as there are people willing to work for these kinds of rates, online freelance job sites will be flooded with this kind of work. You can find better paying writing jobs, but you'll need to spend some time and invest a bit of creativity in their location.

As a freelance copy or content writer, you may or may not be handling more than blogging or website content. In my past work writing content, I've done everything from press releases and public announcements, to blog posts, social media, marketing copy, biographies, sales copy and letters, articles, and website content. Generally, the more research you have to do to write a piece, the more you should expect to be paid. All of this assumes that you already have a better than average grasp of the language in which you're writing and exceptional grammar skills.

The one thing that you may be assured of is that there are countless online opportunities now for skilled content writers in all fields. Whether you write technical content or stories, there is someone looking for exactly what you have to offer.

If I had to give you one more caveat before closing, it would be this - ask and look for what you want and don't settle. Meaning, when you look for work, search for what you most want to write about and ask for what you want to be paid. If someone wants you to settle for less, keep looking. If they like your writing enough to offer you the job, and then want to renegotiate your fee, especially early on, then they're not going to ever pay you what you're really worth.

It can be easy to allow yourself to settle if you have bills to pay. Just remember that while you're putting your heart and soul into writing for the person who isn't paying you, the one who will pay you is hiring another writer.




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