Popular Facebook Groups and Pages for Writers

If you're a writer and have a Facebook profile, chances are good that you're already a member of at least one writer's group. Facebook offers writers the benefit of being able to join several different groups all in one place. If you have more than one genre on your roster, you'll still be able to network with like-minded artists in one place.


Here are a few of the more prominent, well-populated groups that are available for membership on Facebook.


Writers of Non-fiction (1+K members)
A closed Facebook group, Writers of Non-fiction provides support, inspiration, motivation and connections to writers (or aspiring writers) of non-fiction. Whether you write articles, a blog, how-to, personal growth or website copy - this group is for you.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers, Readers, and Artists (1+K members)
An open Facebook group for discussions about Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, Writing, and Art. Discussions focus on the conceptual basis of science fiction and fantasy, considerations of writing in these fields that are unique to the genres, and helping fellow authors write and publish better stories.

Fiction Writers (4+K members)
A closed Facebook group catering to all genres of fiction writing. Membership by approval only.

Writing (5+k members)
An open Facebook group for anyone who has a serious interest in writing, whether it be poetry, short stories, novels, songs. Members are encouraged to share their work, exchange views, give constructive criticism/advice, and chat about their favorite books and authors.

Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (8+K members)
A closed Facebook group, Children's Book Writers and Illustrators appears to be the first of its kind on Facebook. The group encourages authors of all levels, whether published or not, to contribute and share their work with the other members.

Creative & Professional Writing Information Exchange (11+K members)
An open Facebook group maintained by the Creative & Professional Writing Team at the University of Wolverhampton, England. It is designed to list information of interest to writers worldwide.

Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art) (18+K members)
A closed Facebook group for posting submission calls for writing or other forms of art.

Poets & Writers (25+K members)
An open Facebook group dedicated to poets and writers who want to promote and talk about their writing and books, publish their poems and texts, and share thoughts about contemporary literary and publishing life. Members are encouraged to share the group with other writers.


I also found a few pages that may be of interest to you as a writer. They are:


Fiction Writers' Review (3K)

Daily Writing Tips (14K)

Writing.com (62K)
Where The Writers Go

Writer's Digest (104K)
Helping writers since 1920. How can we help you today? http://www.writersdigest.com/

The Writer's Circle (315K)
Facebook's #1 writers' community! (self-proclaimed, but 315K people can't be wrong, right?)

As you can see there are lots of interesting places with tons of information. Let me know which you like the best in the comments.




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