Traditional Publishing vs ePublishing

  • Author Joe Konrath maintains an excellent blog titled "A Newbie's Guide to Publishing".


    This week he posted a lengthy blog outlining the success he experienced in both the traditional publishing world and now in the digitital publishing world, and the why he is more successful now than he was before.


    Most of his current success he attributes to getting the rights to his work returned, and now being able to have all of his titles available to readers through Amazon, but he posts in detail about his prior experience with traditional publishing, touring bookstores, doing signings, and promoting his books and how certain elements of legacy publishing are weighted against the author ever 'breaking out'.


    Joe's post titled "Backlist Then and Now" can be read here:



  • Steven Salpeter
    Steven Salpeter A lot has changed in both the traditional and electronic publishing worlds since 2013. Literary agents are playing an varied role in ebook publishing. I cover some of this on my site at
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  • Admin
    Admin Steven, thanks very much for your comment and posting this link.
    February 4, 2017