Amazing to scientist; No secret to the believers.

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    Title: Amazing to scientist; No secret to the believers.


       Do you believe in the word “extinct?” or is it just an innocuous description used to explain why some fail to believe that the “extinct” word really means “necked to the eye” or “completely new to the eyes. Again.”


    Reporters recently rediscovered a Pygmy Right Whale, this week. Washed and drained upon a nearby shore. This is an addition to the outstanding and miraculous life found on the bottom of the ocean floor. It’s only such a wonder; God had allowed the very strange creatures to our eyes to emerge to our surfaces or in front of our camera’s to acknowledge their existence. In 2006 National Geographic reported new and odd life, never seen by our eyes before.


       This life was found in the Mid- Atlantic ridge in a chain of undersea mountains between North America andEurope. The Promachoteuthis Siloani, also known easily as the Champion Chewer or “squid”. This little guy, However stands alone from the original squid we are used to seeing. With more suckers on its arms compared to the average squid. This species is a soft creature which has an advantage in surviving deep sea trawls.


       Thanks to its ability to grip and hold on to either its prey or surfaces on the bottom ocean floors. He is in no way similar to the Isopod, another creature found on the ocean floor pasturing around collecting its meal of the day. The Isopod is literary trying to find a needle in a haystack. This little ambitious creature can be confused by the eyes as an image of a small rat riding an insect’s body, if looked at too fast. Near theAntarcticawaters, was there a team of scientist able to catch this creature on camera for the first time.


    The Pygmy Right Whale only adds onto the collection, with bulging stand –alone eyes and a body worth truly seeing. This mammal has been believed to mature from one prehistoric whale. Some believe this creature finish developing from two types of whale during mating; such a process took place about 17 to 20 million years ago, thus creating a more modern looking version of this mammal. There has been no sighting previously of this mammal to such attention like recently. Although when discovered by locals; this creature was gone back with his maker.


         The mystery in science, about this creature is the facts about this mammal’s body change throughout the years and its amazing ability to survive all this time, while tricking the natural eyes into submitting to its false allegations of extinction. So is there a proof about the limits in choice of word’s such as “extinct” or could, simple, yet meaningful words trap even our very minds  into believing the limits of nature itself?... Could a mammal, such as The Pygmy Right Whale, prove the “extinct” word in the mouth’s of scientist, as wrong or right?


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