ABCs Revolution: Do Kids Write For TV Now?

  • Dissecting an episode of Revolution lazy plot flaw by lazy plot flaw.


    Okay, I want to be fair. Maybe ABC's Revolution is just good old fashioned formula television writing.


    But does that explain away some of the glaring plot flaws?


    The first example that the writers either have blinders, write this from the lunch room at their middle school, or just don't care how they move the plot along was in Revolution 105 "Soul Train".  The "gang" is wandering through the woods and just happen to hear Monroe's train ( yet another random encountr because the US seems to have shrunk to the size of a postage stamp.) It just happens to be the train they are going to use to transport her brother from Noblesville to Philadelphia.


    Shortly after, the scene is train-side, and Neville is yelling at one of the engineers to get the train fixed.


    The scene shifts to Philadelphia, PA. 675 miles away, if the Noblesville is the actual Noblesville on the map. Monroe says to Rachel, "Good news, your son is boarding a train and will be here soon."


    And Monroe knows this ... how? Hey, Revolution writers. Monroe doesn't have a cell phone. He doesn't have a regular land line. He has no telegraph, CB radio, HAM radio, nothing. If you want to move the plot along to set up dramatic elements of the story ( like That's right blondie, got your son he'll be here soon" take a lesson from Game of Thrones and have them use carrier ravens or pigeons or jump the shark with telepaths. Just don't forget the basics of communication limitations without electricity.


    No other plot flaws rose to the level of this whopping oversight, so I'll wait till next week for more things to be annoyed about.