Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Review

  • The midseason premiere is titled: The Suicide King.


    It made me want to commit suicide, so it is an apt title.


    Here is the entire episode synopsis:


    Daryl leaves without saying goodbye.


    Fifty minutes of lame dialogue that does absolutely nothing to move the story forward, pregnant pauses, and meaningful sideward looks off camera.


    Rick is still crazy.


    Thank me later if you didn't already waste an hour of your life ( with commercials ) watching this episode. I had such high hopes that after the midseason break the writers would put their heads together and come up with some real storytelling, some meaningful dialogue, something to make these comic book characters seems more and not less three dimensional in their transition from graphic novel to the screen.


    Cardboard cutouts and subtitles would get the same job done with this craptastic writing.


    This episode makes me long for more Revolution and Terra Nova, so I could DVR all three shows and watch a mind-numbing three hours of horrible television all in one sitting.