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Bound Love

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What’s a girl to do when she’s attack? Why, let a fierce Warrior save her, of course.
Mia was always in control until one fateful night. She feels lost and confused, not to mention pissed off when she received some unwanted attention at her department Christmas party. It was supposed to be the one night of fun she had before facing the long winter holiday break all alone.
Turbo, a Freyodin Warrior, chosen by the Gods for his extraordinary honor, bravery and supreme sacrifice, is just out for a bit of fun and relaxation at a private club. He’s restless and has a need to fill but can’t quite find the solution to ending the emptiness that plagues him.
A terrifying scream causes their paths to come crashing into one another. A night of unexpected passion proves that there just might be some hope for each of them after all and new Christmas memories to share.
Bound Love is a short Christmas novella that transpires between Books 2 and 3 of the Freyodin Warriors novels by Elizabette Remon. It is a standalone with a Happily For Now ending. To learn more about Turbo, Mia, and the other Freyodin Warriors and the mortals that they love, please read the series from the beginning starting with Love’s Betrayal, which is free at most retailers.