Chasing Wren's Tale: The Steamy RomCom You Can't Say No To


    Stubborn Yoga Instructor vs. Sexy Viking Werewolf—let the battle of wills begin!

    Lovely, limber yoga instructor Wren Cavanaugh's once upon a time sucks. Her worthless fiancé drained her savings, running off with a stripper named after soda. The only positives in her life are swearing off men, owning her studio, her BFF, and her vibrator Mongo.

    Immortal Werewolf and gym magnate Gunnolf Fenric's life is stellar. The only negatives are a murder he has yet to commit on Odin's behalf, his brother's immaturity, and the yoga instructor next door who refuses to sell and told Gunnolf, via his lawyer, he should jump off the side of the mountain.

    When the two control freaks finally meet. Wren resolves to avoid their insane sexual chemistry at all costs. Gunnolf wants more and isn't above using unconventional means to change her mind. Especially not after discovering Odin may want him to kill Wren, but Odin's wife, Freya, wants them to make a baby.

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