Stories people love: Short Stories of Crime, Adventure and Love

  • Short Stories of Crime, Adventure and Love are contained in Stories People Love which is suitable for both young adult and mature audiences.



    1.A Headmaster's Daughter - In the fifties, when little value was placed on education for girls, a passionate young girl finds true love with a brilliant scholar.

    2.Travel Dreams of Yesterday - Two young adventurous girls take a trip across the world in the sixties.

    3.The Dirtiest of all evils   - A thrilling murder mystery that will keep you guessing as to how it will all end.

    4. Age Difference - A Love Story. True love knows no bounds but can there be a limit to the age of your partner?





    "Loved this collection of short stories- well-written, fun, and engaging! The author included a good mix of story lines. My personal favorite was 'Travel Dreams of Yesterday' - the trips the girls took to Europe. 5 stars"