Zeeka's Child (Revenge of Zeeka Book 2)

  • Kidnapping, Arson, and killer zombies.
    Zeeka's Child (Revenge of Zeeka Book 2) is a continuation of the science fiction novella "Revenge of Zeeka," a tale about futuristic zombies and their Master Zeeka.
    It is the second story in Revenge of Zeeka:Horror Trilogy, which obtained a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite International in September 2016.
    The story evolves into a more complicated plot.
    Detectives Jack Wildy and Jerry Cole have to deal with kidnapping, threatened suicide, and arson. They uncover major corruption in the Police Force, and a few 'skeletons' jump out of the closet.
    In a shocking turn of events, Zeeka is revealed.
    Who is the mystery Master Zeeka, and who is Zeeka's child?