Zeeka Returns (Revenge of Zeeka Book 3)

  • Killer zombies, Robots, High tech weapons.
    Zeeka Returns (Revenge of Zeeka Book 3) is the exciting conclusion to this science fiction horror trilogy about futuristic zombies and their Master Zeeka set in the year 2036.
    It is the third book in the series Revenge of Zeeka: Horror Trilogy, which obtained a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite International in September 2016.
    Zeeka, involved in the most heinous of crimes is apprehended, not by the police, who for weeks were in the forested area searching for him and his nine flesh-eating zombies, but by a beautiful woman.
    Zeeka abandons his zombies, runs from the police in the forest, gun in hand, and was trapped by a woman.
    Who is this heroic woman?
    What is Zeeka's fate?
    Read the exciting end to this science fiction horror trilogy.