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Classifieds » Arts & Culture » Free on Kindle - Her Father Shadow

Free on Kindle - Her Father Shadow

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Valid Until 12 am March 4th (PST)

When Monica's father's death is ruled a murder, she is the prime suspect and the handsome lead detective is set to prove his case. Her father's last message, a dire warning, sends her on a wild goose chase across the globe, with unknown enemies dogging her every move. Like an intricate game of chess, her skills will be put to the test. Her life and the lives of those close to her will be threatened time and again by her family's shadowy secrets. She could loose everything she holds dear. Will Monica be able to convince the people she loves that she is innocent? Will she be strong enough to live to tell the tale? Or will it all be too much for this quiet naive girl? Join Monica as she faces her family's demons, discovering a legacy of life and death.

In this book Cecelia J. Bonwick skillfully crafts this exciting new mystery to take you on an unforgettable journey... Inspired by a real cryptic letter left by Cecelia's late father to explain why it was too dangerous for him to write his life story... as such it is filled with heart and feeling "

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