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    September 24, 2015 3:37 PM PDT

    Just signed up a while ago, and figured I should introduce myself. I'm a writer, casual gamer, and in general a total geek. I lived on or near the Oregon coast all my life until February 2013, when I finally had enough money to move away from there. The cold, wet climate didn't agree with me at all, and in fact it kept me almost constantly depressed and angry. Also, I lived in a small town that had nothing but other small towns all around it, and there were no opportunites there at all. No future. So, finally, I made my escape and now live in Tucson, Arizona, and I'm absolutely loving the sunshine, heat, and wide-open sky.

    I've been a writer for a fairly long time, and have in the last few years finally started to build up some steam thanks to opportunities provided by the internet. I've written four novels, one of which has been accepted for publication, the rest self-published on Amazon, Smashwords, and other sites. Most of the novels so far are a series of post-cyberpunk action-adventure books, though I've also started working on some space-opera-ish books set in the future of the same world.

    I've also got a novelette on Amazon and other sites, a story ("Mission to Bellatrix") published in a sci-fi/paranormal romance anthology titled Lucky Stars, and am writing several fanfiction works both just for the fun of it and to provide free content to readers. I'm also expanding the Bellatrix story into a full novel titled Uncharted Territory. And my latest novel, Project Revenant, is currently in Kindle Scout.

    When I take a break from writing, I usually play a video game for an hour or two before getting back to writing, and fairly often things happening in the games give me ideas for character moments or other bits of business to use in a book or a story. My current list of go-to games includes Saints Row: The ThirdSaints Row IV, and Grand Theft Auto Online (though I tend to stick to solo sessions, since I'm not that good at playing against other players, and usually don't last more than five seconds after respawning). My current user icon/avatar is, in fact, my GTA Online character.

    My novels and other works include ...

    Load (1st volume in the series I mentioned above)

    Fifteen Minutes (2nd entry in the series)

    Chaser (accepted for publication and approaching release)

    Project Revenant (3rd in the above series. recently entered into Kindle Scout)

    Game Over (set in the same universe as the previous books, but is set over a century later and is more space-opera)

    Uncharted Territory (work in progress, based on "Mission to Bellatrix" -- posting chapter by chapter on Inkshares)

    Reactivated (GI Joe story in Kindle Worlds fanfiction-for-sale thingy)

    Elsewhere (space opera ... ongoing, serialized story spun off from events in Chaser, featuring several secondary characters)


    Fanfiction works ... ideas that lodged in my head and wouldn't let go, so I figured I could use them as free samples of my writing ...

    Game-Changer (Transformers Prime)

    Rematch (sequel to the above)

    Enemy of my Enemy (picks up where Rematch ended)

    Harbinger (work in progress, picks up where Enemy ended)

    Freelancers (Mass Effect ... work in progress -- over 120,000 words and still chugging along)


    I also post writing-related videos on YouTube, including a series using Mass Effect 2 as a springboard for talking about my writing, and writing in general, and another series using Mass Effect 3 as an example of how not to write a story.

    Anyway ... guess I've rambled on and on long enough. :P Just wanted to jump right in and see where this leads me.

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