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Hedgerows & the Imperious Duke

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    July 24, 2016 10:35 AM PDT

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    A tale of cruel circumstance & enduring love.

    Shael Nathan Averay, 11th Duke of Stanthorpe, is born to wealth and expectation, but he is no ordinary member of the aristocracy. He is different and he accepts he is a monster.
    He is left with only one mission in life: to secure the Stanthorpe legacy by ensuring his brothers marry ‘perfect woman’. Determined, he pays for five sisters to be raised in a style second to none. They are brought to understand that after marriage their lives will not be their own, but a sacrifice for the greater good of Stanthorpe.
    Mission near completion, Shael is resigned to a life of a recluse. Absolute and alone. Only the youngest sister is wilful and definitely has a mission of her own. Nelle is determined. The Duke belongs to her.

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