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Hi to everyone!

  • September 11, 2016 2:02 PM PDT

    I've been working as an acupuncturist trained in Chinese medicine and Reiki for nearly 20 years, and teaching at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon for about the same time. The writing, which I had taken too long a break from, became something to occupy my time during the economic downturn, which in this small town was much harder and longer than the rest of the US. I resurrected an old project finished before I entered graduate school because I found that e-book publishing was now a reality. By the time I retyped (and therefore, re-edited) that manuscript of 3 stories about Elisha Grey, consulting detective in Atlantis during its Second Era, I realized there were more stories. Three years later I'm redrafting the fifth book in a series that, at this point, will be 8 volumes of 3 stories. The characters drive the fiction. All volumes are published through (they are adult content, so turn off the filter). As a philosophy major in my undergrad studies, I discovered that science fiction was a unique genre to explore ethical and moral issues of our time without setting the stories in the socio-political charged culture of our own times. Looking forward to hearing more from other writers about their work, and how they approach their craft!