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Love's Betrayal - FREE EBOOK

  • October 12, 2016 6:32 PM PDT

    Betrayed by her first love…
    Danielle is one tough female and vows only to believe in herself and her dedication to protect mortals. In her past, she has several strikes against her and has had to prove herself time and again. One, her lineage as the daughter of a Goddess who cares nothing for her. Two, the painful betrayal of a male she was sacredly pledged to. And three, just the fact that she’s female and considered weak. Even though times have changed, she still harbors the insecurities secretly deep within and strives to maintain the respect she is due as a member of the Freyodin Warriors.
    Aaron is an archeologist searching for a mythical relic. In the process, he blunders upon an ancient chain that causes problems he wasn’t expecting and may change the course of his lifelong dreams and aspirations. Maybe even against his will – if he can survive.
    The unexpected connection between them is filled with inexplicable attraction, danger and adventure. They learn truths of their past that neither one is prepared for and face a possible future neither one may want. Can they overcome their differences, secrets and pasts, and work together to find a solution they both can live through?
    Love’s Betrayal is about 120,000 words, and the first book in a series of paranormal romance novels, following the Freyodin Warriors and the mortals that love them. If you’re looking for stories that contain love, lust, epic battles, fierce warriors and the enemies who taunt them, you’ve found the right read! These books can be read standalone or in the series order. No cliffhangers and every book contains a guaranteed HEA!   También disponible en Español.

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