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Caught in the Middle: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

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    October 24, 2016 5:19 AM PDT

    Hi all!

    My first book is now on Amazon for only 99c or free in Kindle Unlimited! Check in out here:


    'Lucy, leave exactly after the first hour. Leave your water bottle on the desk. Your life is in danger.'

    When Lucy Davies finds this note in her final university exam, she should ignore it, right?

    But she’s got nothing to lose. She’s going to fail the exam anyway…

    So she took the risk and left.

    And that’s when she met Oliver, and her life changed forever.

    A captivating, handsome Irish man, he swears blind that he’s going to save her from Joey Leonardo, the notorious Italian Mob Boss who wants her dead.


    Well, he’s a little sketchy with the details.

    ‘You just have to trust me, okay?' And with those dazzling blue eyes and Irish charm, how could she not? Even if he does lose his temper sometimes…

    Until he gives up on her.

    And she finds herself in the hands of Joey Leonardo.

    He’s rich, powerful and gorgeous. And most certainly doesn’t want Lucy dead.

    In fact, he wants to give her everything she’s ever wanted.

    And Oliver…? Well, according to Joey, he’s not who he seems…

    So who’s telling the truth? And why is Lucy Caught in the Middle?