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    January 27, 2017 6:53 AM PST

    G'day Market List,

    I'm following forum ettiquette and introducing myself - which is sort of like getting out of the shower, remembering my towel is upstairs and going to retrieve it via the living room, which has a very large picture window. Some of you might say "Nice tats," which would be a compliment if I had any. I guess that makes me over 40 and sensible...

    From about age 4 the only thing I ever wanted to do was write. However, I have a very short attention span and don't like following rules to the letter (I'm more of a Pirate Code sort of guy), which meant it took me an absolute age to get the hang of the English language and even longer to learn about how to structure a story. I thought for a long while that the best route forward was to write computer games, but once I tried that as a career I soon discovered that I prefer hanging out with people instead of keyboards and screens. Since quitting programming I've had a long career in the IT industry, applying myself to writing complex technical design documents, on the grounds that no one else wanted the job. Hence I write for a living, it's just that the content is not very interesting to most people.

    Four and a bit years ago I took nine months off work intent on writing that novel that we all have within us. The plot is formulated from my experiences of management consultancy, high finance (I spent many years working in the City of London) and the defence industry. It was incredibly very hard work, and inbetween many rewrites I found myself running out of $$$, forced back at work. November 2016 I finished and the Ferret Files was finally published in e-book format. I'd call it a detective novel, but at the same time the detective is aspiring and not very good at his job. Is there a genre for cr@p detectives? If so, that's where I belong. It's also part mystery, part adventure and full of drugs, both recreational and military. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but I am proud of my newborn nonetheless. If you want to read it, IM me and I'll drop you a free download code.

    Lead great lives and keep on truckin'.

    Best regards,