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    March 11, 2017 12:07 PM PST

    Good evening all!

    Just a quick hello to introduce myself: I am a freelance writer, which means I write a mixture of articles, poetry and short/long stories, and am giving self-publishing a go. It is a strange new world... but I'm enjoying it so far!

    So, here's a quick blurb for my book Tainted By Our Choices: why are blurbs so much harder to write than anything else?!


    Meet Jack. A successful environmental officer working within an industry that is so very far from his childhood dream of saving the planet that he no longer recognizes himself. How he’s found himself in Houston, Texas where he has no one, and nothing but his work for company, he tells himself repeatedly he doesn’t know. But when the place that became home had the heart sucked right out of it, and all around him was the remnants of a life he wouldn’t get to have, Jack ran, at the first opportunity given to him.

    On a bright, sunny morning, Jack sees a face so familiar to him that he knows it better than his own, one that takes him back first to a beach in his childhood home of Tampa Bay, and second to a college in Boston where Jack learned and lost his heart.

    Tarred by our choices is the story of first crushes, loves, and heartbreaks, and the fallout that left Jack clinging to his past. Join him on his rediscovery of himself, as a chance meeting reminds him of the life he always wanted to lead. Is he brave enough to live it?