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Ben Hung here.

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    March 23, 2017 12:11 PM PDT

    No I didn't get hanged here!

    Check me out here:

    My Bio:

    Ben Hung is proud to write the kind of books that everyone wants to read, but no one wants to admit to. Born and raised until he was a teen in Hong Kong, he later moved to the United States with his parents.

    A fan of Freud, Ben blames all of his antisocial behaviors on his mother, and makes up for it by caring for her with the proceeds of his books. Last month, he bought her a 99 cent burger at a local drive thru.

    He likes to jet ski in the nude, read weird books about serious political issues and keep in touch with his inner self through deep meditational trances after eating weird things he finds on the forest floor in Southern Oregon, where he makes his home.

    The books Ben writes are mostly about nothing in particular, and usually feature Brad, his unfortunate alter-ego, who tells the truth about his experiences with the underbelly of the universe, or whatever he can remember of them anyway.