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'Love in the Time of Marijuana'--free on KU, ALSO 100% FREE NOW!

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    May 19, 2017 8:33 AM PDT

    Hi! My debut novel, Love in the Time of Marijuana, is enrolled in Kindle Select, so free through Kindle Unlimited--but it is also one million percent free today and tomorrow!

    Gomez is a public school teacher in the year 2020. After heartbreak on the east coast, he returns home, yet struggles to reconcile his liberal lifestyle with both the conservative atmosphere of a rural California in the midst of secession and the restraint expected of him within his teaching position.

    Temptation from his coworker Maria and a chance sighting of his mysterious disappeared ex-wife resurface memories and emotions Gomez had shut away. He descends into a cycle of former addictions and obsessions as his careful routine and career veer into an ambiguous unreality of his own paranoid creation.

    People forget things when they get high--but just how much has Gomez forgotten?