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Analog Science Fiction & Fact Submission Guidelines

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Editor: Trevor Quachri, editor

Submitting Your Work to Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Before submitting to Analog Science Fiction & Fact

The Market List recommends you verify the market is active and accepting submissions before sending your manuscript via regular mail. You may verify a market status by either visiting their website, calling their listed phone number, or confirming via regular mail that the market is still active before sending them your work.

To be sure your submission is appropriate for this market, we recommend you familiarize yourself with Analog Science Fiction & Fact by reading a sample issue before submitting.

If you have recently submitted to Analog Science Fiction & Fact or have experience with this market, please submit a comment below. Recent submission response times are always welcome and helpful to other writers.

From the Analog Science Fiction & Fact guidelines:

Analog will consider material submitted by any writer solely on the basis of merit. We are eager to find and develop new, capable writers.

We have no hard-and-fast editorial guidelines, because science fiction is such a broad field that I don't want to inhibit a new writer's thinking by imposing Thou Shalt Nots. Besides, a great story can make an editor swallow his preconceived taboos.

We publish science fiction stories in which some aspect of future science or technology is so integral to the plot that, if that aspect were removed, the story would collapse. Try to picture Mary Shelley's Frankenstein without the science and you'll see what I mean. No story!

The science can be physical, sociological, psychological. The technology can be anything from electronic engineering to biogenetic engineering. But the stories must be strong and realistic, with believable people (who needn't be human) doing believable things–no matter how fantastic the background might be. 

Submission Guidelines Details for Analog Science Fiction & Fact

Market Type: Magazine

Accepts: Science Fiction

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Updated August 31, 2020