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Grantville Gazette Submission Guidelines

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Submissions to Grantville Gazette must be posted in an online conference. See guidelines for details.

Editors: Eric Flint and Paula Goodlett

Submitting Your Work to Grantville Gazette

Before submitting to Grantville Gazette

The Market List recommends you verify the market is active and accepting submissions before sending your manuscript via regular mail. You may verify a market status by either visiting their website, calling their listed phone number, or comfirming via regular mail that the market is still active before sending them your work.

If you have recently submitted to Grantville Gazette or have experience with this market, please submit a comment below. Recent submission response times are always welcome and helpful to other writers.

From the Grantville Gazette guidelines:

By now, the setting for the 1632 series and "established canon" in this series is very extensive...

To make the situation still more complex, the series is set in the actual 17th century and so a reasonable knowledge of the history of the period is needed also.

We have found from experience that if a writer, no matter how well-established, tries to write a story without first taking the time to become familiar with the setting, they will almost invariably write something which we simply can't accept.

Submission Guidelines Details for Grantville Gazette

Market Type:Magazine, Professional Market

Contact: Eric Flint and Paula Goodlett, Editors

Accepts: Alternate History only

Reprints: No

Web Address:

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  • About The Grantville Gazette originated in the ongoing and very active discussions which take place concerning the 1632 universe Eric Flint created in the novels 1632, 1633 and 1634: The Galileo Affair (the latter two books co-authored by David Weber and Andrew Dennis, respectively). This discussion is centered in one of the conferences in Baen's Bar, the discussion area of Baen Books' web site ( The conference is entitled "1632 Tech Manual" and has been in operation for almost ten years now, during which time over two hundred thousand posts have been made by hundreds of participants.