William Morris Agency represents non-fiction books, novels, television and movie scripts.

William Morris Agency, Inc.



William Morris Agency, Inc.

Submission Address

1325 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10019

Phone: (212) 586-5100

Fax: (212) 246-3583

Contact: Owen Laster, Jennifer Rudolph Walsh, Suzanne Gluck, Joni Evans, Tracy Fisher, Mel Berger, Jay Mandel, Peter Franklin, Lisa Brubka, Jonathan Pecursky

Submitting Your Work to William Morris Agency, Inc.

Before submitting to William Morris Agency, Inc.
The Market List recommends you verify the query and/or submission guidelines for each literary agent and literary agency before sending a query or submitting your manuscript. Most agencies require a completed manuscript prior to queries or submissions. Review and verify the agency requirements for working with new or unpublished writers as well as their specific areas of interest.

If you have recently submitted to William Morris Agency, Inc. or have experience with a specific agent, please submit a comment below.


Erin Malone

Kirby Kim

Bill Clegg

Jay Mandel

Dorian Karchmar

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

Mel Berger

About William Morris Agency, Inc.:

William Morris Agency, Inc. represents novels, non-fiction books, television and movie scripts.

For all queries, send a cover letter, synopsis, and publication history with a SASE.

Submission Guidelines Details for William Morris Agency, Inc.

Market Types Represented: Fiction, Non-fiction

Agency Terms: Agent receives 15% commission on domestic sales and 20% commission on foreign sales.

Primary Contacts: Literary Department Coordinator

Accepts: Fiction, non-fiction, television, film

Web Address: www.wmeentertainment.com/