Hal Leonard Books, established in 1984, publishes books on the music business, audio technology, instrument history, and more.

Hal Leonard Books



Hal Leonard Books Submission Guidelines

Submission Address

Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group
33 Plymouth St. Suite 302
Montclair NJ 07042

Phone: (973) 337-5034

Submitting Your Work to Hal Leonard Books

Before submitting to Hal Leonard Books

The Market List recommends you verify the market is active and accepting submissions before sending your manuscript via regular mail. You may verify a market status by either visiting their website, calling their listed phone number, or comfirming via regular mail that the market is still active before sending them your work. To be sure your submission is appropriate for this market, we recommend you familiarize yourself with Hal Leonard Books by reading a sample issue before submitting.


If you have recently submitted to Hal Leonard Books or have experience with this market, please submit a comment below. Recent submission response times are always welcome and helpful to other writers.

From the Hal Leonard Books guidelines:

Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing Group welcomes submissions pertaining to music and the performing arts.

As a first step in submitting a manuscript, we recommend that you send a book proposal consisting of:

1.A letter describing the purpose and audience of your book, along with your background and qualifications; please indicate which word-processing software you use as we ask that final manuscript be submitted on disk
2.An outline or table of contents and an estimate of the length of the completed manuscript in numbers of words or double-spaced pages
3.A sample chapter or two, printed out (no electronic file transfers, please)
4.Sample illustrations as well as an estimate of the total numbers and types (for example, pen-and-ink artwork for line drawings, black-and-white glossy photographic prints, camera-ready music examples) of illustrations planned for your book
5.Your schedule to complete the book

Submission Guidelines Details for Hal Leonard Books

Market Type: Book

Contact: John Cerullo, Group Publisher

Email: jcerullo@halleonard.com

Accepts: Music

Web Address: www.halleonardbooks.com

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