Critters is a member of the family of online writer's workshops and critique groups. The group is for serious Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writers. Run by Andrew Burt, former VP of the SFWA.

Critters Workshop


About began as an online workshop/critique group for serious Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writers. It evolved into a set of workshops for all styles of fiction and artistic endeavors.


How it works: Writer's submit a short story or chapters of a novel. Manuscripts are emailed in Critter friendly format and enter a queue. Participating writers critique the work for elements like plot, characterization, setting, logic of the underlying idea, effectiveness of the opening and ending, and all elements related to quality storytelling and creating a saleable manuscript.

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    Admin The Market List highly recommends Critters Workshop. Many writers participating in the workshop since it started in 1995 have gone on to become professionally published authors ( including this editor ).
    November 23, 2012 - Report