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  • Traditional Publishing in a Nutshell

    There are numerous routes a new author can take to get their work out into the world, but for many, traditional publishing is the ultimate dream.
  • Write What You Know: 6 Famous Writers Influenced by Day Jobs

    What might feel like everyday drudgery to you could be the exact content to explore in your writing, as you alone are the expert on this personal microcosm. And if you lean on your day job for inspiration, you’ll be in good company.
  • Building Your Writing Inspiration Toolkit: Part 2

    Sometimes it feels as if the muse has abandoned you, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your project on hold. Instead, draw the inspiration to you by creating a toolkit to lean on during the dry spells.
  • Is Scrivener Worth the Hype?

    What makes Scrivener so buzzworthy?
  • Should You Plot Your First Draft?

    Mention “plotting a novel” to any writer and you’re sure to elicit a passionate response.
  • A 5-Step Approach to Self-Editing

    Follow the five-step approach to get started on your self-editing journey.
  • Writing a Memorable Hook for Your Novel or Short Story

    A memorable hook may not be a matter of life or death for your story, but an intriguing start can persuade a reader to take your book home from the shop or add to cart after skimming the preview online.
  • Book Reviewers Can be Jerks

    Whether you are a seasoned author or just published your first book, reviews play tricks on your self-confidence as a writer. Like everything else in life, some people like your stuff and some people hate it (thanks, Captain Obvious) and there’s nothing y...  more
  • Finding the enthusiasm

    Tips for maintaining enthusiasm during writing.
  • Hey, Writers: Stop Your Freakin’ Whining

    Adapted from the Non-Fiction Novelist 
    Hey, Writers: Stop Your Freakin’ Whining
    By Larry Kahaner
    Most of my working life, I’ve been a non-fiction writer. I’ve penned over 15 books some with my name and some I...