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James Hutchison/New Author

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    August 26, 2015 8:48 PM PDT

    That's my name, in the title. I've recently joined up in hopes of finding a place to get the word about my new novel out into the world. I actually found a link to this site in the comments section of an article listing 15 "free" ways to get your new ebook promoted. All of it was nonsense, as none were actually free. I thought it best to follow the directions to a T as best I could for maximum effect since I've never written anything, and certainly never tried to promote myself in any way. I hope I get it right.

    As far as some info about me, well... Had a rough childhood. Met my mother at 19, and then almost immediately joined the military. Served three years, honorable discharge, then fell ill with a life altering disease that left me disabled. It's one of those "you can't see it until you see it" type of diseases, and a very common "well you don't look sick, so you must not be" reaction from everyone around me, including my now ex-wife led to me losing everything. But, as is my way, I survived. Rebounded. I'm still sick, as there is no cure, but I've managed to put something that looks like a life back together, and then I wrote a novel. Why? Because someone asked if I could. I didn't know why, I just sat down and wrote something down, and that was the night Champions of Light was born. Took me a long time to finish it. Lots of discouragement, and plenty of feelings of inadequecy. Pair all that with a virtually nonexistent education, and I really don't even know if I have what it takes to write a success Science Fiction novel.

    But it's done.

    A little bit about the book now. The idea really came from a dream. Some would have called it a nightmare, but I've had enough real nightmares to see this one as something different. I won't go too much into the plot here, but suffice to say I did my best to capture the feeling I had when I awoke. I think really, it was a sense of awe. My heart was pounding, it felt real enough that I had to take a look around the room to reestablish whether I was in my bed or... there.

    Where there is, you'll have to read to find out, but I will say the story is definitely science fiction mixed with a supernatural side of catholicism. I tried to approach the religious and the supernatural with an air of realism by asking "how would this work in a practical setting?" I don't really know if I succeeded. The readers will have to tell me. So, until then, wish me luck.