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Prometheus and the Dragon Book Two of Atlas and the Winds

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    July 15, 2016 7:20 PM PDT

    Everything to fear and nothing to lose, in a world with no tomorrow. 

    In the face of what may be the inevitability of the asteroid Antu’s arrival, the US government and the Chinese National Space Agency ratchet up their efforts to save the Earth, while Colton Taylor, Stormhaven, and the Independent Space Alliance hurl themselves into building survival colonies on the lunar surface.

    Zhen Long, the Chinese mitigation project, and America's newly established Project Prometheus are both based on the lunar surface, far from the realities of the rapidly disintegrating stability of Earth.  Panic and the ever increasing lack of civil control drive civilization to the precipice of war, even as the battle for survival wages on the cold lunar surface.

    The fundamentally incompatible strategies of these two efforts soon put the superpowers on a collision course that may lead to all out war. In spite of ideological tensions, it is the scientific and technological limitations that will ultimately decide which plan will become humanity’s last, best hope.

    While these events play out on the lunar surface and in space, humanity struggles with the idea of its collective mortality as it stares into the abyss of a global cataclysm. Fear and fanaticism shatter mankind into its most basic elements and civilization is lost to chaos. Science, political philosophy, and faith, all fall short when the people of Earth face their darkest hours.

    Hope may give us the strength to rise above the inevitability of destiny, but what will face those who survive the collision of mankind’s ideological zeal and the unforgiving reality of the universe?

    Prometheus and the Dragon is a gritty exploration of the consequences of throwing ourselves against the millstone of eternity, and discovering that in spite of our strengths, we are still a fragile creation.