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Greetings from Colorado...and the realm of Egalion

  • August 30, 2016 12:12 PM PDT

    My name is Ronelle Antoinette and I live in western Colorado with my husband, two cats, and one dog-who-believes-he's-a-person. While I'm a mother to none, I'm an auntie to what feels like a small army...our newest recruit joined us in April 2016. (I will neither confimr nor deny that I Facebook-stalk her mommy and daddy to see every picture of her little smiling face.)

     I was born in Phoenix, AZ and raised in beautiful Colorado with my two younger brothers, who taught me to have a thick skin and a ready smile. They are at least half the reason I find inspiration the way I do and I love them for it. Despite my mother's best efforts, I am NOT an outdoorsy girl; I'd much rather curl up with a good book or play through my favorite video game. (Yup, nerd all the way, right here!)

    ​I'm a caffeine addict, chocoholic, and a hopeless romantic. I've carried on a passionate love affiar with the genre of fantasy since I was old enough to read 'chapter books', but I developed a particular soft spot for romantic fantasy while in my teens. I find inspiratation in hot showers, time with my nieces and nephews, and in random meanderings through mundane places.

    ​I dabbled in creative writing for many years and even considered it as my major in college. (I ended up getting a Bachelor's degree in Counseling Psychology.) The inspiration for the Elemental Trials series was born while I was in a high school creative writing class. It sat, unloved and forgotten, in a binder for years, only to be discoverd while moving into my first apartment. The fire was rekindled and it grew from a single, sophmoric tale to a full-blown series over the next decade. i published the first installment in the series, Errant Spark, in July of 2016. Dream. Come. True.

    You can contact me thorugh the links at the bottom of this page or by emailing me at: