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Allison refuses to be a victim again...

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    February 16, 2017 10:55 PM PST

    The Blood Oath 

    Allison and her mother Stella are keeping a very horrifying secret that will ultimately come to a tragic end for both of them. Sometimes when we think we’ve gotten away with something, it comes back to haunt us... When Allison was a little girl she witnessed and endured painful abuse from the only man she thought she could trust, her father. Now two years after his death she must face his wrath once again only this time he is unstoppable and will use anyone or anything to get his revenge against what Allison did. Even the person she loves the most...Josh. Her boyfriend knows that something is not right with Allison mentally but finds himself trusting her and trying to save her from the spirit of a man who lost his conscience long before he died. With the support of Allison’s friends, she will try to stop herself from becoming a victim all over again and end the frightening images that plague her day in and day out. Are they real or are they a part of Allison's psychosis from years of having a messed up childhood.