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Get to know the One and Only Arwen Chandler

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    April 23, 2017 5:27 PM PDT

    I am Arwen Chandler. I'm one of those pompous people you hear about from Texas. You know the everything's bigger, better, my ice cream is better than yours, kind of person. I nearly died during the Ice Cream famine of 2015. Thankfully, I learned to make my own at home, so we survived, but just barely. I am a fantasy and science fiction author. I write serials, short stories, novellas, and novels -- basically, anything that I want. I have written about my alter ego, who is a smuggler and genuine bad butt. I'm also addicted to coffee, and am in the process of installing a coffee IV drip next to my recliner. Oh, I work from my recliner, sometimes wearing a sock monkey hat, while my husband watches Food Network, and my two daughters (both High School graduates) do their best to recreate MMA matches in the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. I also have four dogs...well actually eight, but four of them are puppies and they already have homes to which they have been groomed to rule successfully after they are off of the bottle.  I enjoy staring at the beach, dreaming about setting up my swimming pool, binge watching Netflix and Hulu until my eyes are so dry they will not shut, even forcibly, and imagining I am the next JK Rowling -- castle and all. And one last thing, it is very nice to meet you!