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Coastside Detectives, A modern noir detective series

  • May 2, 2017 1:01 PM PDT

    In the Coastside Detectives series by Matthew O'Malley, the views of San Francisco, so well known from dozens of film noir tales and classic novels, are the backdrop to tales rooted in ancient Bagdad, the California Gold Rush, and modern day international terrorism, all of which swirl to life with deadly consequences along the California Coast.

    Coastside Detectives book trailers, award winners at the LA Neo Noir Film Festival, are on YouTube.

    Books on Amazon include:

    Coastside Detectives: The Grand View

    Coastside Detectives: Armando's Gold

    Coastside Detectives: Distant Islands

    Coastside Detectives: Changing Tides


    Additional titles by Matthew O’Malley include

    Tales for Sale

    Tales for Sale II

    Sunsets of Inverness (Pen name used Joe Ballard)



    Visit Coastsided.Com for additional information and extras.



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