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Vampires of Gnosson, Book One

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    July 11, 2017 7:05 PM PDT


    It’s 2070. After almost thirty years of absence and presumed dead, Byron has come back from Gnosson to save Earth’s humans from extinction. He knows that the task won’t be easy but he’s a fighter. A French count, born with a progressive congenital malady, he has managed to live to adulthood and become a maverick archaeologist, when the best specialists in the world expected him to die in his teens. Despite poor health, by his early twenties—following a long family tradition—he has outdone Indiana Jones, travelled the world, lived the good life and become an expert on the cult of Moloch. But suddenly, the family he has loved so much is gone and he embarks on his final, carefully planned expedition, to prove a pet theory of his or die trying. Instead, arrived at the excavation site he finally meets this ‘imaginary friend’, who has shadowed him all his life: a ‘ghost’ who has to be…a vampire, but insists he isn’t. What he may truly be now matters not—Byron is dying, trapped inside a flooding tomb; and unless he’s delirious, this undead has actually offered him a chance to live on, by following him to a place where he will be able to study the cult of Moloch ‘in the flesh’.

    He of course agrees, and things become a blur. Next he emerges amnesic in Gnosson, a walled ‘medieval’ city in a world where nothing makes too much sense. This is a preindustrial society that somehow can cure diseases that mid-XXI century medicine can’t. Egyptian, Canaanite, Persian and Norse gods here coexist here side by side, and their images have fangs and wings like those of vampires. And, sometimes, those images even ‘talk’ to the faithful.

    After a few months, Byron has settled and is almost happy once again, but he desperately needs to make sense of this baffling place. Since Gnossians consider him the Chosen of the Gods, he hopes this should be easy; but when he tries to snoop around,to protect him from their enemies, his ‘hosts’ corral him like an animal. They even forbid him to read books about the Covenant of the Gods, fearing he might unleash the End of Days. Needless to say, Byron won’t quit.

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