Albert Zuckerman, Literary Agent
21 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010
Literary Fiction, Mystery, Commercial Fiction, Women's Fiction, Romance, Young Adult, History, Celebrity, Religion, Science, Parenting, Business, Women's Issues, Humor & more.

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    I knew just a few pages into the first chapter that I was going to give this gem 5 stars. It has everything I like in a book. It is unassuming but self-assured, well crafted but without artifice, engaging but not easy. It gets categorized as science fi...
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    A collection of writing tips from famous authors for the happy schmuck trying to make it in an ocean of drivel.
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    As a writer, you've no doubt heard that characters can sometimes take over your narrative. I'm here to attest that is true. This happened to me.
  • Book Reviewers Can be Jerks
    Whether you are a seasoned author or just published your first book, reviews play tricks on your self-confidence as a writer. Like everything else in life, some people like your stuff and some people hate it (thanks, Captain Obvious) and there’s nothing y...  more
  • Finding the enthusiasm
    Tips for maintaining enthusiasm during writing.

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Al Zuckerman, a former novelist, TV writer, and teacher of playwriting at Yale, is the founder of Writers House. One of the largest literary agencies in the world, Writers House prides itself on providing an extraordinary amount of individual client attention combined with the full service benefits of foreign and sub rights departments as well as a four person accounting and royalty staff.

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