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  • A Little Writing Music

    A Little Writing Music
    by Kathy Edwards (from The Market List #5)
    Stuck? Don't just sit there watching the dust motes sparkle in the sunshine. If you are feeling mind dead, add music to your writing. Music is wonderful for putting life back i...
  • Keeping 'em on the Street

    Keeping 'em on the Street
    by Terry Hickman (from The Market List #9)
    Are you an "A", or a "B":
    A: A story comes back, and you rip it out of the manila envelope and toss it on one of the piles on your "writing desk," among the grocery coupon ...
  • So You Want to Start a Blog

    Basic Blogging Tips for the Newbie
  • The Job Interview

    The Job Interview by Patrick J. Swenson from The Market List archive
  • Century Magazine Review

    Century #5 Review by J.G. Stinson from The Market List archive
  • A Conversation With Jeffry Dwight

    Interview with Jeffry Dwight ( SFF Net ) by Kurt Roth from The Market List archive
  • Q & A with Keith R.A. DeCandido

    Interview with Keith R.A. DeCandido by James A. Bailey from The Market List archive
  • Q & A with Ellen Datlow

    Interview with Ellen Datlow by Paula Guran from The Market List archive
  • Catherine Asaro Interview

    Catherine Asaro Interview by Terry Hickman, from The Market List archive
  • Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine

    Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine Review from The Market List archive.